FEELCA Paint How to Use Paint to Reflect Company Identity

How to Use Paint to Reflect Company Identity


A frequently ignored aspect of company branding is the color choice for the workplace. The right paint colors can have a vast impact on the vibe of a company. A company’s paint colors will make a lifelong impact in the minds of employees and clients. 

Learn how paint colors can enhance your company’s identity and boost your company’s results.

Painting your workspace isn’t just a job to cross off a to-do list. It’s a critical part of expressing your company identity.

The Significance of Color Psychology

To begin, let’s consider the significance of color psychology. Color psychology is the study of the effect of colors on behavior and mood.

Colors can arouse certain emotions and influences in our minds. These effects can be used to design a particular environment in a company. What do your company brand’s colors say about your business and how can these colors reflect your company identity?

For example, blue is typically associated with professionalism, productivity, and dependability. So, if you want your business to convey a notion of efficiency and honesty, use hues of blue to paint the walls. Want to inspire creativity, positivity, and energy? Yellow is your top paint color choice.

Align Your Color Choice with Your Values

It’s vital to mention that your paint color choice should align with the company’s values, personality, and target audience. For instance, a law firm might select earthy colors such as beige and brown to communicate a feeling of sincerity and strength.

A hip clothing store might choose vibrant, bold colors such as orange, pink, or purple to communicate distinctiveness and energy. Furthermore, your choice of colors for your company branding delivers a notion of uniformity across various touchpoints of a company. When clients come into a business that has a unified color scheme, they won’t forget the brand. They’ll associate it with positive qualities. Uniformity in color usage indicates a company’s attention to detail, leading to more client trust and loyalty.

Improve Employees’ Productivity

Besides affecting clients’ opinions, paint colors can also improve employees’ productivity. Research has shown that a work setting has a huge impact on an employee’s drive, stress level, and ingenuity.

A comfortable, colorful, and aesthetically appealing workplace could decrease anxiety and stress while heightening efficiency and focus. Use your company brand’s colors for whatever sort of boost your employees need the most:

  • Promote enthusiasm and energy with colors such as yellow and orange
  • To increase creativity and productivity, choose neutral colors
  • Heighten concentration and calmness with hues of blue and green

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